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hospitality skills


Hospitality Skills’ objective is to provide a simple common sense approach to business training and coaching to a diverse range of clients. Our aim is to establish the client's needs and then meet their requirements. This can be achieved one to one, small groups, with the business owners, managers or their teams, or through a series of workshops.

Our input is totally flexible as every business is different. Sessions can be worked around the day to day operation of the business. We are fully aware of the pressures on businesses, especially in the current climate. We strive to provide value for money.

Hospitality Skills provide coaching and training in these key areas

  • Cost control in rooms, food, beverage and wages
  • Benchmarking and implementation of best practice
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Profit and loss analysis
  • Monitoring systems, stocktaking and purchasing
  • Industry economic “Norms”
  • Team and personal responsibility, loyalty and leadership
  • Taking action, dealing with consequences and decision making
  • Objective setting, job clarification and appraisals
  • Meeting skills, measuring achievement and empowerment
  • Staff induction / training and multiskilling
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Time management, delegation and setting priorities
  • Motivation and self discipline
  • Personal goals and planning skills
  • Taking action and focusing on key tasks
  • Communication, personality and behavioural profiling
  • Being firm but fair with people
  • Decisiveness and personal attitude
  • Body language and self image
  • Boosting sales and new revenue streams
  • "Mystery Customer", product review and standards / SWOT analysis
  • On and offline sales and marketing
  • Internet presence and website 
  • Social media and internet reviews
  • Upselling, local promotions and loyalty schemes
  • Attracting and retaining customers
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